The Gaga Saga continues (and she doesn’t have man bits)

Let me just start with a plain, simple point. I am not a Lady Gaga fan. (Quick note, some viewers may find some of the content in the video mildly lesbionic and arguably unsuitable for <18’s).

That said, she is beginning to show all the hallmarks of a recording artiste who appreciates that she isn’t the best looking, nor is she the best dancer, with nothing more than a slightly above average voice. So what’s going in her favour?

A masterful grasp of the modern media landscape and how to manipulate it deftly. Remind you of anyone?

So, what does this 9 1/2 minute video really tell us about Lady Gaga?

  1. Beyoncé actually has a sense of humour (particularly after the apalling videophone track)
  2. Lady Gaga (allegedly) has no man parts and is indeed female
  3. Kodak will be bringing back the Polaroid shortly (Gaga’s installation as Creative Director was nothing short of a masterstroke of genius)
  4. Many big brands (I counted 12 I think), clearly believe in the money-making prowess of the Gaga. This vid is dripping with (often not so subtle) product placements . And I imagine this will do Diet Coke far more favours than the Duffy spot did
  5. The record company have spent a small fortune on this (on the face of it) pretty average song. It shows that they not only believe it’ll sell big, but they are investing their money where they see potential for greater longterm returns. The Lady Gaga brand…

I was foolhardy in my attempts to write her off as a one hit wonder (as I also did with Steps and I was way off the mark there despite serious offences to decency and taste that should have been tried in a court of law).

If this lavish video tells us anything, it’s that Lady Gaga (somewhat like her mentor of years gone by), will be around for some time yet.

If the big brands are moving in just off the back of album one, the Gaga juggernaut is becoming a serious cash cow. Ripe for milking the world over. Whilst wearing high heels and ‘outrageous’ outfits.


Iain G. Morrison is a senior marketer in the British Tourism Industry. And is expecting a full Gaga Pussy Wagon merchandising range to be launched shortly…

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