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Hotels4u new campaign: Anything for you my Brummie cupcake…

I am not from that there London (although having lived here for over a decade, it would appear I’m a bona fide Londoner).

One thing that still frustrates me as a northerner, is the ongoing lack of regional accents across the media, let alone that advertising landscape. Yes, the soft Celtic tones of the Scots and Irish generally fare well. They are oft’ used for their warm, open, trusting tones. But the Brummies?

Research rarely positions their accent well domestically. And let’s be honest. This new ad campaign from Hotels4u is unlikely to do much to help that view. Yes, they were going for fun. And they’ve probably produced several ads on a very small budget, for which they should be applauded.

But is it annoying? Yes. Is it memorable? Unsure. Does it have the staying power of the annoying Insurance Opera Singer (who they seem to be doing a good job of managing through staged consumer hatred)? I doubt it. Will it work? I guess we’ll see…

But still. Anything for yaaaaaawwww coooopcayyyyke. Can’t wait to see what the Brumlanders make of it…

Iain G. Morrison is a senior marketer in the third sector. And is absolutely not anti-Brummie. bab.

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