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Was always my favourite insult of choice for my little sister growing up. It seems the savvy Swede’s are now using the infamous troll to market Skane

They’ve opted for the happy troll (which is probably why few raised their heads on the streets of London). The live ‘troll spot’ camera link-ups on the site are a great way to showcase the raw, natural beauty of the destination whilst encouraging deeper engagement / repeat visits / noise across social networks, all of which no doubt tick the targets checklist.

Clearly not going to take on ‘best job’ epic proportions, but it’s a lovely campaign none the less. This handy troll spotting guide is clearly a must for anyone thinking about a visit to Sweden. Extra points if you spot a grumpy one.

See you soon sis…

Iain G. Morrison is a senior marketer in the British Tourism Industry. And is off troll spotting…

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