Spotify overpay Lady Gaga…

Saw this on Brandrepublic this morning.  And it’s $167 too much if you ask me…

Interesting times ahead for the Spotify brand.

Whilst I still think they are well placed to carve themselves a future in the digital music space, but they are going to be up against some heavy record industry legal muscle…

Iain G. Morrison is a senior marketer in the British Tourism Industry. And an avid lover of Spotify. Even more today than yesterday, but likely not as much as tomorrow (etc).

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2 responses to “Spotify overpay Lady Gaga…”

  1. Topher says :

    Very interesting. Amazing that it’s so little.

    Bigger picture though (as you well know) – are these people subsequently downloading (legally) her music or even, and apparently it does still happen, buying her CDs. It’s all about cross-subsidisation to me. It might not be a direct revenue stream but it’s all part of the package which ensures she’s a money-making machine.

    Also, what’s the alternative? Not be on Spotify or should Spotify charge more?
    Personally I think it’s fascinating to sit back and watch the future of how record companies will make money out of producing music. I’m just glad I don’t have to predict it because it makes internet trends look straightforward…

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