Up yours cancer…

Well. It’s been a while since my last post (which ended up in me being cited as a ‘turd slinger’ in The Scotsman. Such pride emanating from the Motherland…

Well, in true Richard & Judy style, we go from tourism turds, to cancer. I was quite critical of last years race for life campaign. Incredibly lacklustre, weak and lacking in any sort of fighting spirit. All the things you and your loved ones need if you are battling cancer. This on the other hand?

It’s on fire.

Full of fight. Aggression. Spirit. Outright refusal to be beaten. And on that note, an extremely subtle (yet clever), use of Kasabian’s track, ‘Underdog’. Everything from the riff, the lyrics and the well cast actors. All oozing aggression from every cancer fighting pore.

Rather nice use of ‘Enter now’ on Youtube too. Bravo CRUK on a phenomenal campaign this year. Up yours indeed, cancer…

Iain G. Morrison is a senior marketing bod that must remember to blog a little more often…


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