Good ad / bad ad: Another lemon from British Airways

Oh British Airways. What has happened to thee?

Gone are the years of your beloved ads. Gone are the days you could lay claim to being the world’s favourite airline. And now, it seems gone are the days where we could hope BBH could start churning out some decent work for you.

After the Facebook chairs turd, we now have this from BA’s . How do they differentiate between their offering and the aggressive low-cost competitors? Which benefits do they really zone in on…

  • A greater route network to central airports not miles from where you want to be?
  • A focus on their generous Air Miles (well, Avios) scheme that means the more often you fly, the greater the benefits?
  • A genuine focus on the superior service offered by their highly trained (and highly paid), cabin crew?
  • A poxy piece of lemon in a plastic cup?

It’s not funny. It’s not engaging. It’s a pretend piece of talking lemon in a free drink (big whoop), that in my view, should lead to a serious shake up. Something somewhere just isn’t right.

A freelance journalist was asking his Twitter followers to send in questions for his upcoming interview Sir John Hegarty on Twitter a few months back .

My question?

Hand on heart, did he really want any of BBH’s British Airways work on his reel. For some reason, despite acknowledging the question (and passively agreeing with me), he chose not to ask it. I shall leave you all to draw your own conclusions.

Seems everyone on the BA account is too busy zigging…

Iain G. Morrison prefers lime in his gin.


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