Time of the month…


So, you can imagine the brief:

‘How do we engage with teenage girls in the digital space and keep the tampax brand top of mind when they hit puberty?’

You can imagine the pitch:

‘Boys don’t get girls. They certainly don’t get periods. So let’s give a boy girl ‘parts’, and have him blog / post videos about his experience. The pain of a menstrual cycle through the eyes of a boy; empathy, humour, engagement & a brilliant soft-sell opportunity for Tampax’.

A bold move from Tampax, and overall, a pretty good effort that doesn’t overtly ‘sell’ in the social space. The videos seem to be doing well on youtube and the campaign is starting to create some good noise across the blogosphere.

If the comments I’ve seem to be anything to go by, the teenage yoof that are connecting with the brand are doing so in a positive light.

May cause a few nightmares for teenage boys though…

Iain Morrison is a senior marketer in the British Tourism Industry. And is somewhat glad he didn’t wake up as a boy with girl parts as a teenager…

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