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Is it cos I is Aussie…?

George Patterson Y&R have a rather lovely office in Melbourne, a city I love (and was fortunate enough to spend a little time in whilst seconded to our Asian hub late last year). They have a strong creative reputation in the region (and do far more than just hold the Y&R name above their door), the ad below being a shining example of that.

Australia as a nation still bears some heavy scaring with its treatment and historic policies relating to the indigenous population. The ad is simple and its deployment of split screen clips (of indigenous and non-indigenous people), to display related statistics. This shines a light on the very real and current discrepancy between goals / quality of life for these different groups.

A chilling tale. Makes you think about life at home…

Iain G. Morrison is a senior marketer in the British Tourism Industry. And hopes Australia can make real change to these chilling statistics…

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