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Did Evans just get cool?

Standing in the way of control?

Standing in the way of control?


A good friend of mine works at Topshop. And she’s disappointed (I can’t print the plethora of expletives she actually spat out), that the worlds coolest rock chic , is NOT designing her first collection of oversize clothes for Topshop…

Following in the footsteps of Kate Moss (Topshop), Lilly Allen (New Look), and a host of other celebs, Beth Ditto (she of the anthemic ‘Standing in the way of control’),  is designing her first clothing collection for Evans.

Even though her stick-thin bessie mate Kate has a well-established relationship with Topshop, the fact that Topshop  never had any clothes in her size was something of a problem.  So, rather than face extreme cries of selling out, she’s signed on the dotted line with Evans.

Evans has never had a reputation for being fashionable. They are best known for providing practical, hard wearing clothes for women over a certain size. How much control Ditto will be given over her collection (given her love of the loudest clothes made from the tightest fabrics),  is anyones guess, but I for one cannot wait to see the outcome of the partnership!

On paper, this should help Evans stuffy image significantly.

The PR coverage alone will be worth thousands. I have no doubt they will also be hoping that in a world where we seem to be ever-growing around the waist, Evans clothes become the acceptable norm / trendier choice. Leopard print spandex from Evans?

Being overweight suddenly just got that little bit trendier…

Iain Morrison is a senior marketer in the British Tourism Industry. And he is a fan of leopard print, but only on weekends…

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