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Fuck the diet.

Now, for those of you aware of what igm does in the day job, the obesity crisis and a lardy unfit Britain concerns me. For many reasons. But let’s have a little looksy at what some of our German Ogilvy friends have been up to for a slice of the Unilver empire in Deutschland.

Du darfst (rough translation, ‘you can’). A range of low-calorie foods you can apparently troff to your heart’s content. With no thought to the diet. Or perhaps even a spot of light buggery of said diet?

The ad itself is nothing brilliant. But a guilt free range of food? The appeal there is universal.

I’d think it ballsier if ‘Fuck the diet’ ran in German, but given that such a high percentage of the population have a fairly decent level of fluency of English (that would put many Brits to shame), I don’t think the subtleties of this line will be lost, fleeting as it is.  Social attention on this is likely to be short-lived, so I hope they have more to hang their hat on engagement wise besides downloading a ‘fuck the diet’ badge. All reeks a bit of early  2008.

Still, for elements of the strategy, a sizeable tick. For the creative, must try harder….

Iain G. Morrison is enjoying a well earned day off.  Du darfst indeed…

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