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The new Xbox

I’ll come to BING later (and how clever the google boys were at stealing Microsoft’s thunder), but the new Xbox looks set to be a Wii killer because…

– it doesn’t need a controller at all

– has full 3D virtual reality, voice recognition AND video recognition

–  will provide the most immerse gaming experience we have ever seen (at least  for at least a few months, but lets face it… The exponential growth in tech is truly phenomenal. Computers / mobiles 5 years ago anyone…?)

Granted, the video is a little 2.4 all-American twee, but will no doubt create huge demand.

Expect Christmas sell-outs when the Xbox launches, rumored late 2010…

Iain Morrison is a senior marketer in the British Tourism Industry. And will be asking Santa for an Xbox. And it better not be like that year he asked for a Nintendo and got a bike….

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