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The greatest social climber since Cinderella…



Don’t panic, I’m not going all Lloyd-Webber on you, promise! However…

If you have become embroiled in any of the hype surrounding Lady Gaga, you’d be forgiven for thinking that her debut album would:

A) change your life
B) reinvigorate the world of pop
C) make you more attractive to members of the opposite / same sex (dependant on preference)
D) all of the above

How disappointed was I then (hoping for at least a smidgen of D), that the album (of some 16 tracks) had 3, perhaps four tracks which were just OK. Not amazing, life-changing slices of  pop perfection in all it’s glory.

Just OK.

No stand-out pop-anthems, a few signs of promise, but nothing to warrant all the hype surrounding the US’s latest pop export. But what she does represent, is a shining example in how successful PR in the music industry really can make a massive difference.

With pop stars, there is a greater than average importance on the attitude (which she has in abundance, not many popstrels perform in their bikinis, which opens up a whole new can of worms with the feminists, not going there today!).

Journo’s have been waxing lyrical about her (and occasionaly her music), which goes to show that both she and her people really get the importance of media manipulation. But call me old fashioned. The songs go a long way in maintaining the career of any wannabe popstrel.

For every Madonna, there is 100 desperate fame hungry rejects consigned to the pop dustbin weekly, that no amount of PR (or jungle loving a la Katie Price) will help…

My advice? If you haven’t already, buy LadyHawke’s album instead.

Iain Morrison is a senior marketer in the British Tourism Industry. And thinks the aforementioned Lady is more Googoo than Gaga…

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