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Ready for another synthgasm?

What do you mean we've run out of hairspray?

What do you mean we've run out of hairspray?

La Roux.

Fell in love with their sound late last year.

Elly Jackson sings, and co-writer / producer Ben Langmaid adopts the Chris Lowe Pet Shop Boys-esque role of being the quiet man at the back.

This album serves up stunning synthy slices of delicious retro pop, delivered without apology. Forget eargasms, it’s all about the synthgasms this summer…

Keeping up the retro theme, the album (if you still buy physical CD’s as opposed to downloading) has the words to every song printed inside.  And don’t get me started on the hair.

Genius. Just buy it…

Iain Morrison is a synthgasm loving senior marketer in the British Tourism Industry. And loves the fact her Mum pounded the mean streets of Sunhill for years…

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