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Apologies for the prolonged radio silence. One’s social media time has been somewhat reduced with a major rebrand under way. Excuses plonked to the side, I shall hastily digress.

Hard and fast?

Get the blood pumping, rocking Bee Gees soundtrack, no kissing, ‘hard man’ Vinnie Jones guide to CPR? All adds up to a rather blistering ad for the British Hard Foundation.

Best ad of 2012 thus far. Saving lives and providing smiles. And the use of a tongue in cheek hashtag ALWAYS gets igmorrison’s vote…

Iain G. Morrison is head of marketing & communications for London’s leading social enterprise. And is a lover of all things #hardandfast


King of Pop in heart attack shocker…


what happened here then?

what happened here then?

When I bought tickets to see what someone in the office dubbed pop’s paedo prince (he stopped being the King of Pop in the early 90’s), I was chuffed.

I didn’t get the opening night, but I got the next best thing. The closing night.

His last gig at the O2 in London. Brilliant. Then, it hit me.

He probably won’t do all of them, it’s highly likely some’ll get cancelled.

If I’m not in there early, what are the odds on me seeing him at all?

Well, the breaking news this evening, is that he’s ALLEGEDLY suffered a heart attack at his home in Los Angeles this and was rushed to hospital (no doubt with a rather large entourage in tow).

When the first few shows were delayed, AEG said this was in order to make sure everything for the ‘massive and technically complex show’ was running smoothly.

There was also some bull about Madonna’s technically complex show crossing over, and there wasn’t time to reset stages.

But the bitter disbelieving cynics out there (myself included) wonder if the ongoing drip feeding to the media of health stories, are the real reason behind the gigs being postponed, and possibly cancelled without a protracted, expensive lawsuit.

The plot thickens…

Iain Morrison is a senior marketer in the British Tourism Industry. And is glad he didn’t buy his tickets to the show from a tout…

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