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Google strike back…

Go Google!

Go Google!

Seems Google understand the value of good PR

Their use of data has courted much criticism, provoked anger / fear in some quarters, and excitement in others.

But, they claim if they do need to user delete their data after the 6 months those Brussels bureaucrats want, it could affect their ability to spot potential pandemics (using search data) quicker than governments and health agencies.

This was nothing short of a PR masterstroke.

The public are worried about pandemics, but also how their data is used. By gentle hints that Google can help ‘the greater good’, perceptions on what they do with the data they amass may shift…

This can only be good news for Google, health organisations, pigs. And hopefully for marketers…

Iain Morrison is a senior marketer in the British Tourism Industry. And loving Goggle using a bit of old skool PR…

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