Heineken Bond ad? Oh dear…


They have such a rich marketing history, and have churned out some ruddy brilliant TV ads over the years. Their museum (or experience as they like to call it), in Amsterdam is worth a visit. Done some pretty tasty digi-bits in recent years too.

However, there’s so many things wrong with this latest offering. It’s just not funny. Homage elements are drab; uninspired. Bond takes his drinks shaken, not stirred. We all know this. To imagine he’d rock up at the bar and order a beer by brand name? Well, it just doesn’t wash. However much money they’ve wasted on sponsorship.

But the thing that offends me most? It feels an awful lot like a recent Stella ad?

Poor Heineken. Poor…

Iain G. Morrison is a not a fan of beer. He likes gin…


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