Save our library…

The classic answer to a marketing problem / solution for much of the last century, was advertising. Men don’t wee straight? Then put an ad up in the urinal telling them to pee straight. Presumably, distracting them. And having them piss all over the god damned place.

Some bright spark came along one day and said, nay. An ad isn’t the answer. We need to think differently. Come at the problem from a different angle. Find a new solution. Let’s put stickers of flies all over the centre of the urinal, and give those sloppy gents something to aim at. Result? Man improves aim. Feels like King. Cleaner happy. Everyone wins. Solution to problem much cheaper than multi-mega-bucks global campaign.

I’m not saying advertising doesn’t have it’s place and can’t generate results. But sometimes, it’s just not the answer. This let gem came across my inbox from the Balls loving (Ed, not hairy), @Stevengradidge who shares my view. That. This. Is. Utter. Genius…

Not bad thinking from Leo Burnett. Book burning / Tea Party stupid looking / library saving kudos to them indeed…

Iain G. Morrison loves libraries. 


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