Ikea do TV’s?

If a couple of years ago, someone told me I’d be considering buying my next tellybox from Ikea, my response would likely have been laden with expletives. After I’d stopped laughing…

This however, is brilliant.

One of the finest demonstrations of what great marketing should be all about. A perfect demonstration of the classic problem / solution scenario. Cables are a monumental pain in the arse in any front room. The solution? A connected smart TV hub, which is cleverly integrated into a  smart piece of furniture. Hiding all those ruddy cables.

Time will tell if the TV is any good.  We know Apple and Google are eyeing this market. But Ikea may have just struck gold with their bit of cable saving integrated tellybox furtniture. Provided the right alan key comes in the box. And the instructions are clear. Could be a winner…

Iain G. Morrison might be buying his next TV from Ikea after all…


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