Gold for British Airways?

I’ve been very critical of much of British Airways’ marketing over the past few years. Since they left the Saatchi crew, their work (a little like their service), has been somewhat lacklustre. However much I dislike the campaign personally, all the PR they’re pushing out says it’s working, so who am I to judge? Bravo…

However, this new spot to maximise their Olympic sponsorship isn’t half bad. It’s not brilliant, but it’s a massive improvement on the bilge BBH have been trotting out for them these past few years.

I remain to be convinced they are ready, mind.

I’m a massive supporter of the Games and the economic benefit they’ll bring to Britain in 2012 and beyond. But our creaky infrastructure can barely cope at the best of times, let alone with a glut of additional Games time visitors. I truly hope I’m wrong on that one mind. Time will tell…

Iain G. Morrison will be going for gold this summer. In the gin drinking finals, of course. Good odds on a medal…


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2 responses to “Gold for British Airways?”

  1. Chris Catchpole says :

    It’s boring. Sorry. The luggage sequence at the end of Toy Story 2 was far more entertaining. And what does it tell me about British Airways? Years ago, I loved working on BA marketing. It just feels behind the times now. No real brand essence. No strapline. Nothing that sets them apart or gives me a reason to fly with them, even though I regularly do. Using the little girl feels like they’re trying to do a John Lewis but Adam and Eve produce advertising that is so much more emotive, warm, charming and cuddly. Come to think of it, isn’t that what BA’s work used to be like? I wouldn’t point the finger at the agency though – client gets what client wants these days. Sometimes good, sometimes great, often terrible. Until UK clients stop treating agencies like their bitches and more like their partners, mediocrity will reign on and on. And agency folk will have to continue putting up with being smacked up for the cash.

    • igmorrison says :

      Never apologise for your views Sir Catchpole.

      I agree, this spot fails to reach the snow-kissed heights of where the BA brand once lived. But it does show signs of promise.

      ‘Too fly to serve’ is an abomination, all involved should hang their heads in shame (although all the propaganda points to the fact it’s working, allegedly).

      As for not pointing the finger at the agency. Well. It takes two to make mediocre work.

      BBH still claim to be the best of the best; a crown I think they’ve lost in many respects. Especially if you review what they’ve been churning out for BA…

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