Dawn Porter: How to end a career in eleven words…

How do you end a career in just eleven words? Well, if you are a journalist / presenter / actress, then these should help.

‘That’s all i ever wanted. A country full of clean bums’.

Baby wipes for adults bums. Fair enough, nothing wrong with that.  And don’t get me wrong. I’m not anti-infommercial. Far from it. They’ve not been in fashion these past few years and the FMCG crew have been investing in them again. Which usually means cha ching.

We Brits don’t generally do them quite as ‘HOOOO YAAAAAH’ as our friends from across the pond. But botty wipes? Poor love. She’s only ever going to be known as the arse wipe lady…

Iain G. Morrison has a clean derrière. And will not be starring in a botty wipe infommercial any time soon…


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