Brand of the week: School of communication Arts 2.0

I spent last Friday mentoring at the School of Communication Arts 2.0 and it was one of the best Friday afternoon’s I’ve had in some time (bear in mind my office shuts at lunchtime Friday’s), and for that, I give the school this weeks Brand of the week.

For those that haven’t heard of them (and shame on you!), the School partnered with the University of Arts London Awarding Body to create a new Diploma in Communication Arts, which is written by the advertising industry. Here’s hoping that stops them moaning about the standards of young talent coming through. The curriculum is wiki based, constantly updated & improved by the school’s network of industry mentors. And exceptionally talented students.

If you’re a student, forget sticking your head in a book for three years with no access to industry big wigs. If you’re thinking about trying to break into the industry (and it can be a real slog, particularly in the current climate), students are given the opportunity to work on live (and portfolio) briefs in a real life agency environment. Veritable book making gold. You’re not too late, applications are open for the next intake…

Although it costs more than most other advertising schools, there are several tangible benefits. A guaranteed internship at the end of the course. Structured learning. Real on the job experience. And of course, rubbing shoulders with adlands finest week in week out, chance after chance to wow them with your thinking…

The standard of the work was exceptionally high. More over, the students literally hang on every nuance of every word of feedback you give them. Some of the thinking (both strategically and creatively), was client ready. There were also a couple of campaigns I saw that wouldn’t have been out-of-place at awards ceremonies. Don’t believe me? Go in and spend some time mentoring yourself!

I managed to review a few of the students portfolios. The piece I am sharing with you this fine day appealed to my rather warped sense of humour. The student in question got quite the introduction.

‘Meet Nathan. He draws lots of cocks’.

Poor Nathan tried to explain where he garnered his appendage loving reputation. After a few minutes floundering, he finally relented and showed me his response to the Toblerone portfolio brief.


The chocolate loving Iain G. Morrison would recommend you find a morning, afternoon or full day to mentor at the School of Communication Arts 2.0 

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