From cradle to grave…

No, not our NHS. I’m referring to the mammoth 90 second spot, that I believe’ll be airing during the Coronation Street ad-break on Friday night. The media agency / ITV must’ve creamed their knicker$…

The ‘big unveil’ of new TVC’s feels like something of a relic these days. I’m not calling time on TV advertising, of course it still has its place and will for many years to come. Nor am I going to give you my thoughts on TV / online convergence. I haven’t had enough coffee and it’ll be nothing you haven’t already heard…

But I am left feeling somewhat cold by this latest Adam & Eve offering for John Lewis.

I get the cradle to grave thing, we’re there for you at every key life stage. I also get the ‘never knowingly undersold’ proposition. But this spot just lacks emotional warmth (or I have ice running through my veins). I didn’t warm to the couple / their family / their journey through ‘life’. I find the music bordering on morbid.

A stark contrast to the stunning ad they ran at Xmas that has combined a stand-out (and very emotionally rich), track; with a perfect slice of emotional Christmas kiddy oriented joy. Whilst I’m sure this’ll do well with the target audience, I can’t help but feeling the music was something of a compromise.

On a more upbeat note, if you want to see how cradle to grave SHOULD be done, then check out this BBH / X-box oldie. A true corker…

Iain G. Morrison is a senior marketer in the British Tourism Industry. And is hopefully that Waitrose will become his local supermarket if I buy the flat I’ve got my eye on…

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