When sorry seems to be the hardest word…

Sometimes, relationships break down.

Some can be saved by arbitration, some are just forever beyond repair. In your personal life, that usually means the splitting of assets, the sharing of friends, finding somewhere else to live, breaking up with your loved one (and the shared future you thought you’d have),  and if you are really unfortunate, a big fat legal bill.

But what happens in the land of business? Who steps in when the agency / client relationship breaks down and the smooth talking suit can no longer paper over the cracks when the work is late and incomplete? When the clients poor behaviour / shoddy briefs can no longer be stomached by anyone in the process?

Well, both parties have similar choices to those that unhappy couple face. Dig in and work through the tough times; reconcile and come good. Or if it’s beyond all hope, go through that painful separation.

Once the love is gone, the assets divided what then? Well, when I was first told of this launch on April fools day, I did wonder if it was a joke. Having dried the tears from my cheeks tonight (after checking I’ve not yet been named), I realise that for many, the third option is plain and simple.

Venting spleen…

Ladies and gentlemen (now play nice), I give you http://www.theagencyisacunt.com and http://www.theclientisacunt.com

Iain G. Morrison is a senior marketer in the British Tourism Industry. And would remind you all to be sensible when posting opinions on any open forum. Careless whispers n’all that…

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One response to “When sorry seems to be the hardest word…”

  1. Paul says :

    I’m so tempted to expose some real agency cunts right now.

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