The IVF bum pat…

Quite a corking bit of PR this morning from Asda. They’ve announced they’ll sell IVF drugs on a ‘not for profit’ basis.

The cost of a private prescription for IVF medication varies between pharmacies, who are able to charge at their discretion. So, effectively, this represents a bit of a licence to print money at the expense of people desperate to have children.

According to various reports in the press, Asda’s commitment to sell IVF drugs on a ‘not for profit’ basis means that one cycle of treatment would cost £1,171.41, compared to an estimated £1,993.93.

Still pricy, but a potential saving of some £820. Quite a lot of shopping for your average family! Still, some great PR for the brand. I’m not sure if Asda will resurrect the Asda price ‘bum pat’ for an Asda price ‘ovarian pat’ in their next campaign, but I’m sure this news will be a welcome relief for those struggling to conceive.

That said, I’m pretty sure that the demographic you are trying to reach will continue to shop in Waitrose / M&S / Sainsbury’s. But I spose if each customer sticks one or two things in the basket when they pop in…

Iain G. Morrison is a senior marketer in the British Tourism Industry. And is off for a G&T with the good Lady Cooke this evening…

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