Worst ad of 2010 thus far…

This is just hideous. What Swiftcover, their agency, and Iggy are thinking about introducing ‘Little Iggy’ is utterly beyond comprehension. Somewhat reminiscent of the Nurse in South Park.

You know, the icky one with the conjoined twin?

Iain G. Morrison is a senior marketer in the British Tourism Industry. And feels dirty on Iggy Pop’s behalf…

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Modern day marketing comms man. If you want to know more about me, visit: www.linkedin.com/in/igmorrison find me on twitter @igmorrison or just leave me a comment.

One response to “Worst ad of 2010 thus far…”

  1. Drayton says :

    I was astounded to hear from someone in the know that the Iggy Pop campaign works. I’m not sure I believe it, because a surprising number of marketers are bad at sums. And surely it can only be among idiots.

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