Random acts of kindness


Members of Hyatt’s Gold Passport loyalty program already enjoy numerous benefits. Soon, however, they’ll also enjoy some delicious little oddities that are often propagated only by the cheeriest of souls. 

Yes, I’m taking random acts of kindness.

CEO, Mark Hoplamazian, defines it as “making a difference to the lives of those we touch.”

As part of a new effort to take better care of its Gold Passport members, Hyatt will soon lavish these guests with pleasant little surprises purposefully designed to delight them during their stay.

In a recent blog post, Hoplamazian wrote;

“Don’t be surprised if Gold Passport picks up your bar tab, comps your massage or treats your family to breakfast. It’s part of bringing authentic hospitality to life and making you feel more than welcome.”

It’s a brilliant retention tool, no question. And it will no doubt deepen Hyatt’s relationship with many of their loyal customers. Might even shift a few of them into brand ambassador territory if the act is truly special.

Still, I can’t help thinking they could have pushed the boat out that little bit further. What a brilliant (potential) acquisition incentive.

Random acts to non-gold guests may well encourage increased sign ups to the programme.

Once done, they then are in a far better position to  encourage the occasional / first time guest to think Hyatt next time. Not to mention telling all their friends about that lovely free boozy session they had in the bar until 3am courtesy of Hyatt…

Still, well done chaps. Great work.

Iain Morrison is a senior marketer in the British Tourism Industry. And if anyone would like to pick up my bar tab as a random act of kindness, please do get in touch…

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2 responses to “Random acts of kindness”

  1. Jenny says :

    Great idea (but needs careful monitoring to ensure customers do see this happening, or may lead to disappointment).

    Presume you’ve seen the fantastic stuff from Mr&Mrs Smith? My new favourite brand. I have no business connection with them, just a great customer experience!

    They guarantee the best hotel rate on great boutique hotels like Babington House, so there’s no disadvantage in using them (except for range, I suppose). The customer service is just fantastic, very personal and out-of-their-way-to-help.

    When you book, you automatically go into their members’ scheme – you have to pay (choose at what level) but it paid for itself given the discount they gave us on our booking. When you’ve received the fancy shiny black loyalty card, you wave this at the hotel front desk to get various free stuff, like tea and cakes or a bottle of wine.

    On top of that though, they have their very attractive ‘vault’ scheme whereby every stay gives substantial loyalty bonuses – and it’s expressed in ££££s not points. One already 50%-discounted one-night stay in a luxury boutique hotel gave £10 in my Mr&mrs ‘vault’ – and that was enough to claim something back. Lots of companies seem to start their rewards at too unobtainable a level but this felt really motivating.

    Like their newsletters too, attractive, well-laid out, well written and just enough motivating info to make me click through (more than one link, too).


    • igmorrison says :

      Careful monitoring yes, but presumably they have that under control. It’d be interesting to see what sort of feedback they get from those that get, and those that don’t…

      Mr&Mrs Smith are wonderful. Great offering, great service, great price, great benefits.

      Seems they cover all the bases!

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