Pass the spitoon…

I watched a hilarious episode of Question Time the other week.

The MP’s were engaged in a furious debate as to whether or not safe-sex and condom ads should be allowed before the 9pm watershed, and whether or not it was appropriate viewing material for the pre-teen audience.

The panel were oblivious as to the change in viewing habits of our ‘yoof’.

Their advisers neglected to tell them many kids today consume much of their traditional TV viewing online (where at any given moment, the little darlings are but two clicks away from whatever XXX pornographic content they desire). 

Politicians can be slow on the uptake…

Still, as sex-education ads go, this makes its point with charm, clarity and humour. And we wonder why we have the highest teen pregnancy rate in Europe…

Iain Morrison is a senior marketer in the British Tourism Industry. And whilst I abhor spitting, there’s clearly a time and a place…

PS This just in from Singapore…

she swallows. apparently...

she swallows. apparently...

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