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Royal Mail are renowned for often getting it very wrong (Consignia anyone!?).

But they have a cute little site that helps small and medium sized businesses (on the face of it), generate high-quality direct mail which they can then send to their prospects / existing customers for a very modest outlay.

Whilst I can’t imagine this will keep many direct / integrated agencies awake at night, I’d love to know what Steve Harrison, one of the industries most renowned creative minds thinks of this latest innovation from Royal Mail (who in case you didn’t know, were the organisation that coined the phrase integrated marketing. One of the many ways in which they keep trying to ensure snail mail stays popular against the instantly deliverable / trackable e-alternative).

I’m sure Steve 99.9% of the creative output from this would fall well below Steve’s high standards. The real art (as all good creative directors know), comes from nurturing a thought rooted in a real insight, allowing it time and room to gestate, to be shown love, attention, and carefully managed in order to generate that killer execution that has a great, motivating idea at it’s very heart.

Still, well done Royal Mail for giving those that cannot afford an ad agency a vehicle that produces professional looking direct mail, that doesn’t look like it came from the printer at the petrol station…

Iain Morrison is a senior marketer in the British Tourism Industry. And somewhat proud to have worked with Dr. Harrison during the glory years…

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