Cause and effect…

thank you HBOS

thank you HBOS

Today, it’s Halifax vs. Shelter…

Halifax (one of the worst affected banks largely owned by the British taxpayer), have binned Howard. Hurrah cry most adlanders!

But what staff oriented treasure do we have in its place? Roll VT…

An interesting choice given the near collapse of the banking system which has caused the wider economy untold grief; BoE base rate cuts not passed on, businesses struggling for credit, first time buyers still frozen out given the large deposits required, I could go on…

It’s great to see a bank moving heaven on earth to give a little back to its customers (if a little contrived), but take one of those links out at the bottom of the pyramid, one little person falls, and the whole formation comes crashing down around us. Then, everyone loses out. Not a smart move, the agency (DLKW) should know better…

And now, to Shelter. Practically demonstrating what will sadly happen to many homeowners this year . Roll VT…

Beautifully shot, and incredibly poignant. Plaudits to Leo Burnett London, for producing a truly moving campaign, that works effortlessly through the line. But a truly beautiful script…

Not to mention, a truly magnificent coup in getting an agreement from Radiohead to use one of their tracks in the ad. A first for Radiohead, they abhor bands ‘selling out’ to the admen. Shelter clearly represent a cause they believe in.

Cause and effect. Shelter vs. Halifax. I know which of the two some of my money will be going to this month…

Iain Morrison is a senior marketer in the British Tourism Industry. And will be donating some pennies come pay-day at

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