Too little, too late…

Going, going, gone...

Going, going, gone...

So Shopdirect is re-launching the Woolworths brand in summer 2009. But, there will not be a high street store in sight. The brand is being launched as an online e-tailer. But will it work?
Part of the ‘charm’ of the Woolies brand experience was coming in, having a rummage and finding a bargain; that  real diamond in amongst aisles of tatt. A product that you simply couldn’t do without at that bargain price.
But how will that shopping experience translate as the brand is relaunched online? Some serious re-positioning will be required to make this a succesful venture…
Lest we forget, Branson offloaded his music store empire at just the right time (those involved in the management buy-out should have known better!), and sadly, Woolies were very slow to invest in their digital arm. The business stuck to its guns when the rest of the high street (and world) moved on.
Ironically, they pumped money into their web offering last year. But it was just too late to save them.  One things for sure, it’s going to be an interesting year on the British High Street…
Iain Morrison is a senior marketer in the British Tourism Industry. And wondering where the youth of today will steal their pick and mix from…

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