Going cold turkey

My lifeline

My lifeline

So, Starbucks are to cut some 6,700 jobs, two thirds of which are in the USA. Another bad news story that sees yet more good, hard-working people suffering as the global economy continues to shrink.

It’s sad.

I use to start every day with my skinny, wet, venti latte (extra hot with an extra shot). But when it comes to the painstaking decision on where to economise, as with most others, its life’s little luxuries that are always the first to go. It was a painful goodbye…

For the first few weeks, I did feel as though I was coming off heroin. But if I can do it, the most ardent coffee addict can.

I just hope those companies who specialise in life’s little luxuries have the foresight to bed down, innovate, and come through the other side of this recession leaner, meaner and with a stronger focus on what the customer wants.

Fortune generally favours the bold, so Starbucks, don’t lose faith. And let’s face it.

Instant coffee sucks…

Iain Morrison is a senior marketer in the British Tourism Industry. And an ardent coffee lover…

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