Chocolate anyone???

Children and animals...

 Well, the Cadbury / Fallon entertainment wagon rolls onto our screens (be that computer or TV), yet again.

Hot on the success of the outstanding gorilla and trucks TVC’s, we now have eyebrows. And I’m sorry to knock an ad I’m sure many of you love dearly, but I have this nagging feeling that the pressure is now on….

Cadbury are clearly loving the work /Fallon (their agency) are bringing them and I’d surmise after the gamble they all took on gorilla, Cadbury are willing to trust their agency and work very closely with them in order to get the best possible work out the door. An eye on the awards cabinet, as well as the engagement barometer…

Cadbury made it clear that if the job of advertising was to inform or to entertain; they were firmly opting for the latter. And what a storming start, gorilla and trucks were massive blog / YouTube hits (a useful and swift barometer when looking to chart the ripple effect), as I am sure eyebrows will be too.

But this one just has that slight nagging rumble of the difficult album; the one where the band just didn’t quite agree at every turn. The one where the really great riff that could have lifted the song to the number one spot for 8 weeks instead of 1 got slightly lost somewhere between the mixing desk and the coked up lead singers diva-ish hissy fits…

Don’t get me wrong, it’s far better than the vast majority of ads out there. But I’m just not quite sure this one lives up to the hype of its predecessors; this watercooler moment will be a lot more fleeting than those which came before…
The balloon is its saving grace. She rocks, we need MUCH more of her. In fact, I reckon she could carry an ad on her own next time (Fallon, feel free to give me a call).

Big things will be expected in the next chapter of the glass and a half full productions.

And I for one hope the next one is a stormer. With or without the balloon…

Iain Morrison is a senior marketer in the British Tourism Industry. And is learning the fine art of eyebrow dancing…

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2 responses to “Chocolate anyone???”

  1. nick0myers says :

    Have to disagree.

    I loved it. It is easier for people to grasp than the trucks. It will be copied in the playground, kids will suddenly want Dairy Milk after school.

    I think the human element in it is brilliant.

    • igmorrison says :

      That’s the marvellous thing about what we do as marketers, everyone has an opinon. Nothing I love more than a good, hearty debate!

      Yet again, the latest Cadbury ad is splitting the creative community across both sides of the agency / client-side divide. Of all the industry bods I’ve spoken to, I’d chart the spot at 50/50 in the love hate stakes.

      Your point about the ‘humanity’ is interesting; many of those I’ve spoken to find it cold and lacking in the warmth / engagement of the previous spots. The brandrepublic comments are also insightful, with many adlanders leaving extremely negative comments. See;

      I’m sure we all await Cadbury’s next sales figures with baited breath to see whether or not the demanding kids of the playground do indeed want more chocolate!

      Or whether they just want to buy ballons…

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